I Wish You’d Choose Humanity First

This quote from “The Screwtape Letters” (C.S. Lewis) resonates too well right now. In the book, it’s written as an instruction from a demon to his nephew advising ways to disrupt a man from following Jesus.⠀

But even on a natural level, the idea of neglecting the most elementary duties (human decency) and ignoring obvious problems is, well, a problem.⠀

This [season] has been a crucible of sorts, a testing and exposing of character, a definitive line drawn in the sand for those on the side of humanity and those who are not.⠀

Think about the conversations happening around police brutality. The comments sections are filled with people in *desperate need* of the whole story. Yes, the cops strangled / paralyzed / killed a man, but what about the truth?! 🤪

It’s scary to think how dismissive people can be with someone else’s loved one. With someone else’s life. ⠀⠀

To the Allies: As you sort through your emotions about what’s right and wrong with the recent tragedies, please hold tight to your empathy. Don’t let “logic” and toxic thinking get in the way of feeling other people’s pain. Don’t disregard the obvious hurt in favor of comfort. Choose the side of humanity every. single. time.⠀

To my Black friends: Don’t give in to fear or apathy. Don’t adopt unhealthy ways to cope. Keep your head up and your heart soft. All things will work together for good.⠀



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Janell Marie

Janell Marie

Above all else, I’m a lover. Everything I write stems from that.