Y’all are corny for arguing about Russell Wilson being square

Here we go again, folks. Black Twitter has cycled around to the quarterly discourse about whether Russell Wilson could have bagged Ciara if he wasn’t rich. Why in the world does this matter?

What if Ciara did find guys like Russell too corny without the cash? Or what if — hear me out — what if she liked the fact that Russell is a square? *faints in too cool for school*

The most annoying part of this debate is that it’s disingenuous and obtuse. For one, the Black community thrives in being cool. We say it all the time, American (and Pop) culture would be nothing without us. We start trends on the regular and, in general, we’re very critical of those who don’t fit the mode of what we deem is on brand with the community. That’s why it’s so disingenuous that people are arguing against Russell’s cornball ways.

[T]he thing about having a “type” that people rarely mention is that you get to choose what it is.

He is corny, y’all. And corny is meant as a dig in the Black community, but it has nothing to do with the fact that Russell loves his wife, takes care of his kids and minds his business. Russell’s corny because he seems not to care about what’s deemed cool. He wears what he wants. Shows affection and emotion. Loves on his people out loud. Russell is wholesome, and wholesome is corny because wholesome people tend to color inside the lines.

And Ciara loves him for that — not because she was tired of getting burned by the Futures of the world, although I’m sure heartbreak played a role in her re-examining her “type”. She’s stated multiple times that she had to be honest about her choices and what she wanted before starting a relationship with Russell. Sounds like growth to me. Plus, the thing about having a “type” that people rarely mention is that it’s not mysteriously bestowed upon you from on high, you get to choose what it looks like.

Ciara chose Russell because who he is is good for her. You and Channing Crowder can think that’s corny or whatever, but honestly, no one even asked.



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Janell Marie

Janell Marie

Above all else, I’m a lover. Everything I write stems from that.